Don't forget

the dogs.

The challenge

Kurgo’s marketing team was looking to put together a photo campaign for some pieces included in their newest product line. These products needed to be shown in a way that captured not just the dog using them, but also how they enhanced the dog/owner experience.

All bark, is
that a shark?

Get some cool dog equipment? Check. Find a location? Check. Find a cool dog owner and even cooler dog? Double check. It's hard not to get excited about working with dogs on projects, and trust us when we say this, we were very excited. Actually® photographers spent time at several coastal locations to capture Kurgo gear getting put to the test.

That doggone
view, though.

The challenge with working with animals is that there is no way to guarantee that they’ll do what you want them to. Lucky for us, Mango was all about the camera and found tons of opportunities to show off her new gear. And who can blame her? With views like these she’s got it pretty good.  

The outcome

We delivered a collection of images that highlighted our talent in several coastal settings during the winter and spring season to focus on the benefits of the products being used, including both dog apparel and dog accessories. Let’s be honest though, it’s hard to complain when you get to work with cool people and their dogs.