Life after


The challenge

St. David’s was interested in showcasing alumni that have been a part of the school’s growth and development as a school. As part of their admissions program, the school wanted to incorporate a view of what life looks like following graduation in order to communicate the value of the education and extracurriculars that St. David’s provides its students.

A glimpse into
the future.

Actually® worked with St. David’s marketing team to identify and work with a selection of alumni with a diverse range of career paths. We then coordinated with and spent time getting to know those individuals to try to understand the role their education played in their career path and success along the way.

Keeping the
stories flowing.

Since this series is ongoing, it continues to provide us with the opportunity to explore the new stories and unique experiences of these young adults as they learn to apply the skills they've developed in school out in the real world. 

The outcome

We delivered a series of films that follow alumni, their careers, and reflections on their time at St. David’s School. Their purpose was to serve as testimonials for prospective students and parents in order to provide quick, tangible insight into what their future could look like. The media continues to be circulated across the school’s various media platforms and website.