within reach.

Williamsburg Learning has partnered with two free multi-district online schools to provide The Williamsburg Curriculum to students throughout Colorado and Utah. The schools are accredited, and provide complete high school and middle school programs centered around a culture of belonging, world-class mentors, and an emphasis on principled leadership.

The challenge

As part of a continued focus on expanding their offerings to an even wider audience, Williamsburg Learning has been working to share their exciting new multi-district online schools with prospective parents and students in both the Colorado and Utah communities.

An outstanding

Our target audience were parents, but not just any parents. They were parents of students who either didn't work well in traditional school, or those whose lifestyles didn't align well with the classic schedule. After the pandemic, it became clear that there were lots of questionable online learning options out there, so it was important to communicate that the Leadership Academy of Colorado and Utah were not only tailored towards the needs of the student but extremely high quality and successful.

it clear.

To enhance the effectiveness of each ad, we incorporated a range of student age and interests alongside a variety of scenes containing active families to provide context and relatability. With the incorporation of effective, minimal animation to accentuate the message, viewers can more easily discern the quality and intentions that underpin each Academy.

The outcome

We delivered a series of video and radio advertisements highlighting the features and benefits of Learning Academy of Colorado and Utah. The media was circulated widely within both Colorado and Utah via CTV broadcasting and across regionally selected radio stations to maximize exposure.