Find your

next adventure.

The challenge

Beyond the Map offers a variety of travel experiences around the globe, focusing on providing experiences that are authentic and immersive. They wanted to create a visual narrative for one of their most popular travel destinations: Puerto Rico. Since their brand is built on authenticity, they wanted this campaign to capture the experience and emotions of a real trip and real clients.

Finding the
right balance.

Our goal was to capture as much real-time footage as possible, which meant being perceptive and adaptable to the scheduled events of the trip. We also need to maximize quality while minimizing our impact on the client experience, leading to bringing only a small production team and maintaining a minimal equipment footprint.

Feeding the

Our team on the ground not only spent time capturing clients and their experiences, but also needed to make sure they established the location itself. Equipment was never stowed and compositions were constantly being framed to secure imagery that we felt gave the audience’s imagination something to build on. 

The outcome

Actually® delivered an organic and inspiring marketing ad that highlighted all aspects of the trip in a format that focused on imagery for impact. The ad currently serves as Beyond the Map’s primary visual at marketing events, on social media, and on their webpage.