Workplace Options

In-house creativity.

Workplace Options is a work-life consultancy service dedicated to helping organizations support their most valuable assets: their people. Their focus is to help make employees’ lives easier, healthier, and more productive and partner with a global network of partners and corporations to meet the needs of their employees. 

The challenge

As the company has continued to establish locations worldwide, Workplace Options wanted to have a high end studio space built at their headquarters to enhance their video content and live streaming capabilities. The new facility would allow them to produce high-quality video content in-house to be distributed both internally to staff and externally to clients and partners.

A creative

Actually® worked with Workplace Option’s marketing team to prioritize areas where they saw a need for content and then began designing the space to be flexible to each specific need. The main goal out the gate was to have live stream capabilities for town hall and quarterly meetings. We were able to generate a variety of set options and select equipment that was adaptable and scalable to meet the changing needs of Workplace Options.

The outcome

Our approach to the studio’s layout and capabilities has resulted in the creation of a highly flexible space for Workplace Options. The studio is equipped with the latest appropriate technology and is designed to adapt to the evolving needs of the company, allowing for rapid and seamless execution of both livestream and video production. The space is currently being used with the support of Actually®, enhancing Workplace Options' abilities to effectively communicate their message and showcase their offerings.