Revisit a

local icon.

The challenge

Action Ski wanted to integrate their company’s mentality and history into their brand’s website to share their story, values, and passion for snow sports with curious visitors and potential clients. To do this, they were interested in acquiring imagery from one of their many trips to the mountains and a video that accurately communicated who Action Ski continues to be.

the skis.

Action Ski has built a business model that is family-centric. The company is also anchored to the locally famous Garry Brown, who founded the company more than 30 years ago. We decided to focus this video through more of a documentary lens to create an opportunity for emotional investment from viewers. This also gave us the opportunity to explore the many different reasons why Action Ski is so iconic.

the slopes.

These kinds of films excite us because of the balance between adventure and narrative. We spent time scouting the slopes and the shop to find shots that would help support the story and took time to chat with Garry and his staff to better get to know the shop and its vibe.

The outcome

We delivered a collection of imagery and a film that creatively explored the history of Action Ski, their prowess as one of the top regional snow sport travel outfitters, and their continued commitment to their clients. Along the way, we had the opportunity to see the timeless techniques and skills required to keep the shop going.