Not just a


As a part of the ECU Health Care system, The Outer Banks Hospital (TOBH) is a full-service, community hospital offering a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, including a growing interest in offering cancer treatment service. 

The challenge

In particular, ECU health and The Outer Hospital Hospital (TOBH) has been working through the process with the National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancer (NAPBC) to become a fully accredited Breast Center. It is rare for a facility as small as TOBH to receive such an accreditation, and to do so required the hospital marketing team to develop a video providing clarity to the reviewers on what offerings and capabilities TOBH currently makes available to breast cancer patients.

More than
just a video.

Clearly this video was important, not just to the hospital but also for the greater Outer Banks community that relies on the services of this hospital. Our goal was to craft something inspiring by bringing a clear, impactful narrative to the table that highlighted the experience of those that benefit most from the accreditation...the patients themselves.

Make it

With that in mind, we worked with TOBH staff to identify and interview a courageous individual with first hand experience making it through a breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment at the hospital. These are the stories that matter and the ones that have the most impact, so while we focused on the innovative facilities and specialized equipment available to patients, we also paid careful attention to highlighting the care teams working around the clock everyday for their patients.

The outcome

We delivered on our promise with a goal to exceed the expectations of both ECU Health and TOBH. As part of their application package, this video aided TOBH in obtaining its official accreditation as a Breast Center, making them one of only four small community hospitals in the United States with that certification. Special projects like these matter and the opportunity to have positive impacts through intentional visual storytelling makes them that much more enjoyable to create.