Tools of

the trade.

The challenge

In a world of short attention spans, SmallHD was looking for a video series that highlighted the value and versatility of several SmallHD products, software, and accessories for both established and growing production companies. They were specifically curious to see how we incorporate their products into our image visualization.

Not to get

Our focus was to provide insight into why we choose to use SmallHD products. Since a big reason for investing in SmallHD gear was its ability to streamline real time image visualization, we planned to highlight this aspect throughout our narratives.

Scenes behind
the scenes.

Part of conveying SmallHD’s product value was to curate imagery of their gear in use. Similar to previous projects we had collaborated on with SmallHD where production integration is a big benefit, we worked on capturing the variety of ways their products seamlessly helped us get the job done. 

The outcome

We delivered SmallHD a series of branded films covering three different aspects of their products that we found incredibly helpful and how we incorporate their products on our productions. The films continues to be shared across the various SmallHD video and social media platforms.