you belong.

The challenge

St. Andrew's-Sewanee has been working to communicate how their unique value set and ethos set their curriculum apart from other international boarding schools. As part of a larger campaign to expand their global footprint, their brand and web content were ready for a more targeted and intentional reset.

Highlight what
really matters.

Our goal was to bring prospective students and parents into the school and show them the diversity of offerings and opportunities that help shape the student experience. Since St. Andrew's-Sewanee is so different in its campus offerings and educational values, it was important to work with staff to establish aspects of the campus that define student life at SAS.

Putting it all

From pottery class to the edge of the plateau, the production covered every inch of the campus, following a typical day in the life of students at St. Andrew's-Sewanee. We sat down with students, teachers, and faculty to talk about the campus experience, the school's ethos, and its growth over the last century. By prioritizing effective communication of the school's focus on a nature-centric curriculum, which contrasted well against the more traditionally historic architecture of the school, we were able to produce an engaging narrative of what life is like as a student at St. Andrew's-Sewanee.

The outcome

Actually® delivered a package of video content, including a completely refreshed brand video and a series of short-form videos currently being displayed across their website and through their various social channels. We also produced an admission-specific video designed to target prospective parents and students interested in, or currently visiting the school.